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FREE Merchandise/Presentation Request For Cleanups, Recycling, Promo Items, And Other Events

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    • 1) We will let you know once your request is ready. Fulfillment is based on availability. 
    • 2) Supplies Will only Be Held For 3 Days, Unless Notified Otherwise. 
  4. Important Things To Remember
    • Be safe
    • Stay hydrated
    • Dispose bags of litter collected:  Use trash containers in/around your Adopt-A-Spot location. If no trash can is available, an arrangement for pickup must be made a week prior to your clean up.
    • Take before and after pictures. Tell your story, submit your pictures.
    • Submit your clean up. We cannot tell the amazing job our community is doing to keep it safe, clean and beautiful without a report. (add the link)
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