Mortgage/Rent & Utility Assistance

The City's Mortgage, Rent, and Utility Assistance Program (MRU Program) is funded by the CARES Act CDBG-CV funding allocated to the City by the Housing and Urban Development. The program is designed to assist eligible citizens of Odessa directly impacted by COVID-19 pandemic with mortgage, rent, and/or utility assistance. 

Citizens of Odessa that meet the Program Eligibility Requirments below should contact our office to be placed on the waiting list. The City's Program is on a first-come, first-served basis. 


  • Affected by COVID-19: The applicant must have been affected by COVID-19 according to the program guidelines. 
    • Head of Household must have lost employment or have had their monthly income reduced to 50% or more due to reduced employment hours related to COVID-19.
  • Citizenship: All applicants must be U.S. citizens or have long-term legal residency status. 
  • Income guidelines: The total household income cannot exceed the income limits set by HUD. This program assists low to moderate-income families as defined by HUD as 80% or less of the Area Median Income for the household size. 
  • PropertyThe property must be located within the city limits, and the applicant must be listed as the Mortgagee, Tenant, and/or named on the utility bill. 
  • Residency: Applicants will be required to provide proof of residency such as lease agreement, mortgage statements, and or utility (Gas/Electric) statements.
  • Drug and Criminal Activity: Residents of the property cannot have a felony conviction within the last 5 years.

2021 Annual Income Limits

Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $41,350
2 $47,250
3 $53,150
4 $59,050
5 $63,800
6 $68,500
7 $73,250
8 $77,950

Contact Information:

Community Development Department

Phone: (432) 335-4820