Keep Odessa Beautiful Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

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What is YAC?

Every city, regardless of its size or location, shares a common resource—arguably its greatest resource—its youth. Creating safe and enriching environments that our children can thrive in is really what it is all about. Moving beyond satisfying these core needs, we can also tap in to youth perspective, creativity, and energy through the youth advisory council (YAC). There are dozens of YACs operating across the state, each with their own personality. Some focus on community service, others concentrate on peer involvement, and some operate as mini-city councils that deliberate issues and make recommendations. All give youth a voice and a stake in their city government and community. YAC provides the city with energetic volunteers for civic projects, give city leaders a fresh viewpoint on issues challenging to our city, and create a sense of accomplishment for our youth.  

Why should I join YAC?

• Be a voice for the youth of Odessa

• Meet new people

• Have fun

• Earn Volunteer Hours

• Be involved in community activities 

Benefits of YAC:  Youth have an outlet to affect change in their community and have a place to interact with their peers and adults on issues of importance to their community. On the flip side, the city creates an outlet to not only engage youth but to harness their energy and ideas. 

KOB YAC ObjectiveThe objective of this organization is to give youth a chance to change the future generations with their voices and actions, as well as inspire others to do the same. This is an opportunity for Odessa High School Students to participate in a service-learning and leadership development program. 10 members are given the opportunity to develop and coordinate their own beautification project within their school and/or community. They may also contribute to Keep Odessa Beautiful’s programming, participate in training sessions, and visit local municipalities/businesses, while acting as ambassadors and leaders for youth service. The Youth Council meets once a month. The term contract is for one year, but these can be extended upon request. Serving on the Youth Council also makes you eligible to serve on the Keep America Beautiful Youth Council.

Members: To be eligible to serve as a Youth Advisory Council Member you must be a 9th - 12th grade student in Odessa and complete the application & interview process.

The 10 YAC Members have the ability to cast 1 vote in each movement.

Members who follow the rules and regulations are welcome to attend Keep Odessa Beautiful meetings and events.

Officers: The officers of this group shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicity Chair.

Two or more positions should not be occupied by the same person.

The President shall be the primary officer of the organization and should conduct each meeting and supervise events.

Should the president be absent, the Vice President will take over the President’s duties.

The Secretary’s job is document everything discussed and voted on during the monthly meetings and provide those minutes to the council to be approved at every meeting.

The Treasurer's job is to meet with KOB Staff and prepare a financial update of funds raised or spent for YAC.

The Publicity Chair is responsible promotions and acts as the public information officer.

Want to become part of YAC?

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