Fishing / Comanche Trail Pond

Fishers Line the Bank of Comanche Trail Park Fishing PondNote: The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will be stocking the Comanche Trails Park Pond with Rainbow Trout tomorrow, December 6th. They will also stock the pond on the following dates, 1/4/2023 and 2/2/2023.

Learn to Fish

Learning to fish is like riding a bicycle. Once your learn how easy and fun it is, you will never forget! Whether you stand in the river or on the side of a pond with a can of worms, or use a boat with state-of-the-art equipment, fishing can be enjoyed by all ages and all skill levels. Even beginner anglers can learn how fun and relaxing fishing can be, and learn life skills in the process. The goal for learning to fish and for our Pond in Odessa is to provide a recreational opportunity and enhance the quality of life available to all Odessa Residents.

Comanche Trail Park Lake

Comanche Trail Park is a long linear park with a West Entrance and a South Entrance.  Comanche Trail Park is perfect for disc golfers (3 courses), 3.2 mile trail, and a large Community Fishing Lake. The pond is located at the South Entrance, located at:
301 W I-20
Odessa, TX 79766

Take Me Fishing Event

Learn the basics at our Take Me Fishing Kids Angler Education event, or go out to Comanche Trail Park Pond.

General Everyday Fishing

Fishing License is required for any angler 18 years of age or older. Find out more information about our freshwater pond and the license requirements through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.

Please note that fishing is not permitted at Memorial Gardens Park (Buffalo Wallow)

Harvest Regulations

There is no minimum length limit; the daily bag limit is 5 trouts.

An angler fishing in a Community Fishing Lake (CFL) may use no more than two poles.

For more information about the Stocking Schedule, Licenses, Harvest Regulations, and more, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.