Intelligence Division

Captain John Sikes commands the Intelligence Division which is comprised of:

  • Intelligence Unit
  • IMPACT Unit 
  • Narcotics / VICE Unit

This Division is a specialized assignment and all members must meet pre-established qualifications before applying for the assignment. Perspective applicants must successfully pass written and oral testing and display a strong department background. All members are subject to 24/7 callout and many members serve on the department SWAT team and other specialized assignments in addition to this division. 

The Division's primary mission is to negatively impact violent and major crime within the City of Odessa. The division employs overt and covert methods of proactive enforcement with the primary focus being narcotics, human trafficking, violent crime, major investigations, public corruption, and any other investigation deemed an immediate priority by Command Staff. 

The Intelligence Division is also responsible for the development of the Real Time Intelligence Center which utilizes investigative tools and technology to aid in the rapid resolution of crime within the city. Some of these tools include license plate readers, incident management cameras, and others. 

Division Detectives partner with Crime Analysts to focus on the study of criminal incidents for the purpose of identifying emerging patterns and active crime series; this is often referred to as "tactical crime analysis". The purpose of this analysis is to help the agency identify and apprehend offenders and best allocate proactive resources where they are going to be most impactful.

2020 Intelligence Division Statistics: 

  • 188 State and Federal Cases Filed 
  • 60 Search Warrants Executed 
  • 7 Pounds of Methamphetamine Seized 
  • 11 Pounds of Cocaine Seized
  • 5 pounds of Heroin Seized
  • 53 Pounds of Marijuana 
  • 109 Firearms Seized