Want to get involved in your Community? You have come to right place! The Odessa Parks and Recreation wants you to get involved for City Parks.Volunteer at a Fair Helping a Child

Benefits to Volunteering

  • Volunteering can help you grow academically, personally, and professionally. Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to educate others about our local parks and events that go on throughout the community.
  • Volunteering helps you feel accomplished, a sense of personal humility, when you give of your time for your community.
  • Volunteers help enrich the quality of life through stewardship of the City’s natural resources in keeping our community clean, safe, and fun for everyone.
  • Volunteers will constantly be giving of their time to maintain and enhance the Parks, even outside of their work to growing awareness around the Community.
  • Volunteers will learn side by side with fellow citizens and Parks Staff to help build unity and sustainability in our neighborhood parks, as well as, joining in on all the fun at Community-Wide Events!

Who Can Volunteer

Volunteering is open to kids and adults, high school age and above, or any other group willing to give up some of their time to fulfill the initiative. 

How to Volunteer

Join in with the Odessa Parks and Recreation Department and become a volunteer for parks today!

If you would like to volunteer email mmendenhall@odessa-tx.gov

Check out our Special Events Page for information on the next opportunity to volunteer!