Records Unit

Records Unit The Records Unit is located in the front lobby of the Odessa Police Department. This Unit is responsible for the data entry and maintenance of all offense reports for our City. The Records Unit also maintains all permits, clearance letters, and other items issued through this department.

The Records Unit is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. A staff member is available during those hours to assist with any of the below-listed services. 

If at any time you need assistance from the Records Unit or online request for a report is urgent, please contact 432-335-3306 for assistance. 

  1. Request for Reports
  3. Clearance Letter
  4. Permits
  5. Alarm Service & Registration
  6. Fingerprinting

Request for Reports

The Odessa Police Department only maintains records for incidents that occur within the incorporated City Limits of Odessa, some records are maintained for offenses that may be reported to the Odessa Police Department, but occur elsewhere. These records are maintained in accordance with Texas State Law. Odessa Police Department utilizes LexisNexis - Request a Report as its online mechanism to fulfill report and digital media requests with the goal of streamlining the process to obtain reports for Citizens and other members of the public. 

This does not preclude anyone from contacting the Records Unit during normal business hours in the Odessa Police Department Lobby, located at 205 N Grant Ave, Odessa, TX 79761. 

This online portal allows reports and documents to be requested for the following types/individuals: 

Auto Accidents - all auto accidents can be requested via this portal. The department provides all copies via the LexisNexis system. 

Texas Transportation Code 550.065(d) : $6.00 for a non-certified crash report, or an additional $2.00 for a certified copy of a crash report.

Crime Victims  - The requestor must be the involved party of the crime and the request is for the purposes of furthering court procedures. (i.e., obtaining a protective order, etc.)

Digital Media (Body cam/in-car video, or any other digital media that may be collected in conjunction with a police report.)

Government Agency Requests

- A government agency, as it pertains to this request, is any verifiable investigative agency that is commissioned by a local, state, or federal jurisdiction of law enforcement or judicial branch of government. Requestee will be required to provide valid, verifiable identification and agency contact information. The request must originate from a government email account.

- Government agencies requesting information may do so without any cost. For records that require a release, please attach the release to the online request. 

General Incident Report - this is the most frequently used request. This request is for all incident types and reports. 

The records division completes requests as they are submitted, please allow for up to 10 days for fulfillment, however most requests are completed within 48-72 hours. 

If the request is urgent you may contact the Records Division Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 432-335-3306

If the request is being made pursuant to the Texas Open Records Act please complete the request through the City of Odessa Public Information Request Portal. For more information related to open records requests, you can visit our Open Records Request information page.