Chief of Police

The Chief of Police serves as the chief administrator of the Odessa Police Department, is responsible for policy development, control, supervision, and program implementation of this Department and is accountable for the effective delivery of police services to the community. The Chief’s Office is the command center of the Department and administrates the Department’s annual budget.

Directly under supervision of the Chief is the:

  • Administrative Deputy Chief
  • Director of Public Safety Communications
  • Legal Advisor
  • Operations Deputy Chief
  • Personnel Specialist
  • Police Chaplain
  • Research and Grants Specialist
  • Senior Administrative Assistant

Message from the Chief

Hello and welcome to the Odessa Police Department section of the City of Odessa website. I am so glad you have taken some time to learn more about us. The City of Odessa is a wonderful and unique urban environment. It is a growing, diverse and vibrant community with much to offer.

Our job at the Police Department is to ensure that Odessa continues to be a safe place for our citizens and visitors. Public safety is the foundation of any successful community and dependent on quality police services. The mission of the Department is to provide the highest quality police services in an effective and efficient manner.

We have created this section to give you easy access to information about the Department's structure, function and activities. It provides interactive services, avenues for communication and useful information on matters from employment opportunities to community events.

I invite you to fully explore our pages. Please learn about us and what the great City of Odessa has to offer. We are committed to our mission and remain ever vigilant in our service to the citizens of Odessa.

I hope your visit is informative and enjoyable!

Michael Gerke, Chief of Police
Odessa Police Department