Dr. Sudip Bose Bio

Dr. Bose is one of America’s most experienced doctors on mass casualty, disaster care, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). From his experience in the ER and on the battlefield during some of the nation’s most critical moments, he is skilled in navigating crises with control, vision, and preparation. Today he serves as Medical Director for Odessa, helping our city expertly respond to crisis events, expand access to healthcare, and keep our community healthy. For more information on Dr. Sudip Bose, visit DocBose.com.

  1. Practicing Emergency Physician
  2. Iraq War Veteran
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  4. Medical Media Correspondent
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Practicing Emergency Physician

Dr BoseDouble board certified in emergency medicine and EMS (disaster medicine), Dr. Bose’s day to day includes treating critically ill patients from newborn to end-of-life, including gunshot wounds, COVID, and heart attacks. Dr. Bose serves as city EMS medical director at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas, providing medical care for 19 counties encompassing over 38,000 square miles, the largest geographic coverage by any hospital system in the United States. In this role, he orchestrates the city emergency response for ambulances, firefighters, and SWAT during mass casualty incidents including the 2019 mass shooting in Odessa and Midland, Texas and the COVID-19 pandemic. The son of immigrants and the descendant of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, an Indian freedom fighter who joined Mahatma Gandhi in that effort, Dr. Bose believes in fighting for the American Dream and protecting our most valuable asset: our health.

  • Achieved advanced certification from the Department of Homeland Security in federal, state, and local disaster response protocol

  • Selected annually by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals as one of the “The Leading Physicians of the World” in emergency medicine category

  • Recognized by the American College of Emergency Physicians as one of “America’s Health Care Leaders” and Heroes of Emergency Medicine of the past 40 years

Dr. Bose