Parks & Amenities


Floyd Gwin Park

Parks at a Glance

Park Hours: 6:00am - 11:00pm
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3101 Chestnut
Odessa, Texas

Frederick Douglass
314 S. Muskingum Ave
Odessa, Texas

Modern Gardeners
29th & Circle
Odessa, Texas

600 West Clements
Odessa, Texas

900 West 23rd
Odessa, Texas

3101 East University
Odessa, Texas

Murry H. Fly
3545 Boulder
Odessa, Texas

San Jacinto
2100 N. Co. Rd. West
Odessa, Texas

Casa Bella
1415 East University
Odessa, Texas

Jim Parker
3100 East University
Odessa, Texas

Noel Heritage Plaza
320 West 5th
Odessa, Texas

4819 North Everglade
Odessa, Texas

Central/ Hemphill
1201 East 13th
Odessa, Texas

Juan Alvarez Ramirez
431 West May
Odessa, Texas

1300 Woodlawn Drive
Odessa, Texas

1001 West 38th
Odessa, Texas

Comanche Trail South
301 West I-20
Odessa, Texas

92nd & Rainbow
Odessa, Texas

3601 North Grandview
Odessa Texas

Southside Ballfield
1201 West Monahans
Odessa, Texas

Comanche Trail West
900 S.County Rd. West
Odessa, Texas

Lions Club
4341 Esmond Drive
Odessa, Texas

511 East 31st
Odessa, Texas

Highway 191 & Loop 338
Odessa, Texas

510 West 10th
Odessa, Texas

Mark Henderson
200 West 31st
Odessa, Texas

610 North Tom Green
Odessa, Texas

Western Manor
1400 West 23rd
Odessa, Texas

Dorothy L. Murphy
200 West 54th
Odessa, Texas

625 West Pool Road
Odessa, Texas

Purple Sage
615 East 11th
Odessa, Texas

1020 East Murphy
Odessa, Texas

Floyd Gwin
1015 N. County Rd. West
Odessa, Texas

Memorial Garden
4730 E. 42nd
Odessa, Texas

500 Park Avenue
Odessa, Texas


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*Exercise/Hike & Bike Trails

Exercise paved trail system is a highlight because of the unique concentration of wild flowers and foliage.

  • Memorial Gardens Park Trail (1 mile around pond or 1.3 full trail)
  • Freedom Park Trail (.2 miles)
  • Comanche Trails Park Trail (3.5 miles)
  • Lawndale Park Trail (.4 miles)
  • San Jacinto Park Trail (.5 miles)
  • Sherwood Park (1.2 miles)

Including Mountain Bike Trail (Billy Hext Rd & Eastridge Rd.) - **restricted to only PBBA members**

Fishing Pond

Fishing Pond can be located at Comanche Trail Park, south of I-20.

  • Anyone younger than 17 does not need a fishing license.
  • Anyone older than 17, needs a fishing license. Fishing licenses may be obtained through the following outlets:
    • Academy
    • Walmart
    • Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) - Click Here

Disc Golf Courses

Home to multiple West Texas Disc Golf courses at McKinney Park and Comanche Trail Park South & West. These courses are free and open to the public.


Article 1-13-3(b): It shall be unlawful for any person or group to be in any public park between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Moreover, it shall be unlawful for any person or group to have any motorized vehicle in any public park during hours in which such parks are closed to public use. Such curfew and restrictions shall apply to the park area proper and any parking lot of the park adjacent to park grounds.